Applied Language and Culture Studies (Language, Culture & Translation)


: Objectifs

The objectives of this Doctoral Program in Applied Language and Culture Studies are:
▪ To provide doctoral students with an in-depth understanding of current issues in Applied Language, Culture studies and Translation Studies;
▪ To develop a critical understanding of the linguistic, cultural and translation issues that permeate Moroccan as well as Anglo-Saxon societies
▪ To provide doctoral students with a strong foundation in theoretical and methodological principles of applied language, culture and translation studies and to equip them with the necessary tools to conduct quantitative and qualitative research;
▪ To enable students to carry out independent and original academic research in applied language, culture studies and translation studies;
▪ To develop doctoral students’ skills as active researchers, able to engage with their peers through research networks and present and publish their work nationally and internationally;
▪ To prepare doctoral students for teaching in applied language, cultural studies and translation studies; and
▪ To contribute to the enrichment of the community of students and faculty at Chouaib Doukkali University and the academic community across Morocco

: Axes de recherche

1.Applied Language Studies
▪ Core linguistics (phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, etc.)
▪ Applied linguistics (sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, discourse analysis, ELT, literacy and adult education, etc.)
2.Culture Studies
▪ Literary and postcolonial studies (“third” world literature, cultural theory)
▪ Cross-cultural studies
▪ Gender studies
▪ Cultural translation (ethnography)
▪ Media and film studies
3. Translation Studies
▪ Register-based translation
▪ Language for special purposes and translation
▪ Terminology and lexicography

: Sujets de recherche prévus

▪ Phonetic and phonological characteristics of the languages in Morocco
(Amazigh, Moroccan Arabic, etc.)
▪ A morphological and syntactic study of Moroccan languages
▪ Dictionary making and language documentation of the languages in Morocco
▪ Sociolinguistic analyses of multilingualism in Morocco
▪ Psycholinguistics (aphasia, language in the aging brain, etc.)
▪ Issues in literacy and adult basic education
▪ Issues in applied linguistics and language teaching
▪ Language and culture in the Doukkala Abda Region
▪ Postmodernism and fiction
▪ Gender and identity studies
▪ Cultural theory and Moroccan writings
▪ Moroccan representation in Western writing
▪ African writings in English
▪ Corpus-based translation studies
▪ Comparative literature and translation studies
▪ Audiovisual and intermodal translation (e.g. audio description)
▪ New technologies in interpreting (including remote/videoconference interpreting)
▪ Corpus-linguistic methods in translation, terminology and interpreting

: Structure de recherche

L. Applied Language and Cultue Studies (Professeur Mohamed Yeou)